Alan Charlesworth has been involved in what we now call 'Digital Marketing' in either practical, training, research, consultancy or academic roles since 1996.

alan charlesworth: head and shoulders He is the author of nine books:

Social Media Marketing: Marketing Panacea or the Emperor's New Digital Clothes?
Internet Marketing - a Practical Approach 1st edition
Digital Marketing - a Practical Approach 2nd edition
Digital Marketing - a Practical Approach 3rd edition
Key Concepts in e-Commerce
An introduction to Social Media Marketing
The Digital Revolution
A glossary of Internet Marketing terms, phrases and concepts
Choosing the Right Domain Name: a marketing perspective

and co-author of another,

Online Marketing - a Customer-Led Approach.

His own web site can be found on: Alan Charlesworth . com, including a full profile.

images of Alan Charlesworth's books